Conserving Land Will...

Community conservation returns demonstrable value to both residents and visitors alike, by protecting iconic landmarks and landscapes that will ultimately be accessible by all. Telling a story today that will be handed down tomorrow and for generations to come.

Provides diverse recreational opportunities

Provide diverse recreational opportunities

Only 60% percent of American youth ages 6 to 24 participate in outdoor recreation and this continues to decrease each year. It is our mission to connect future generations with traditional outdoor activities. In exposing them to the land, it is our hope that they too can articulate what is special about the Lowcountry landscape for years to come.

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Protects the balance of human and nature

Protect the balance of human and nature

Based on the 2012 Census, South Carolina's population increased by 2.1 percent (98,000 people) between April 2010 and July 2012. Meanwhile, the tri-county area population increased by 4.9 percent (33,000 people), making this area the 12th fastest growing metropolitan region in the nation. As the Lowcountry continues to expand, it is our responsibility to respond with thoughtful development placed where it adds value, not cost.

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Provides diverse recreational opportunities

Safeguard human health

Our conservation vision is based on the idea of healthy land sustaining healthy people. With an obesity rate of over 30%, over 3,500 miles of impaired rivers and streams, and a loss of nearly 35 acres of farmland per day, South Carolina needs our help. Conserving land provides you and your family access to safe drinking water, clean air, healthy food, and green spaces to drop a few pounds and renew the soul.

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Boosts the economy

Boost the economy

The combined impact of the agriculture, forestry, outdoor recreation and tourism sectors account for one-third of the state's economy, over $54 billion and 463,000 jobs. As a more vital and diverse economy fuels future prosperity in the Lowcountry, we must recognize economic vitality in all of its forms, including a strong rural economy that includes traditional uses of lands. Protecting agriculture, timber, livestock, and recreation maximizes our natural resources and benefit our economy without adding infrastructure.

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Defends natural resources

Defend natural resources

Until recently, we have placed value on growth and development while ignoring the inherent value of our natural ecosystems. From estuaries and black water rivers to bottomland hardwood and long-leaf pine forests, each Lowcountry ecosystem provides a value to society that ranges from food production and storm water filtration to wildlife habitat, scenic views and recreation. Now, these so called "passive uses" of the land are beginning to be measured in terms of economic value as well. In SC, the value of our natural resources is an estimated $29.1 billion.

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