Four Holes Swamp

One of the largest wetland reserves on the East Coast

Francis Beidler Forest is one of the largest wetland reserves on the East Coast, and South Carolina Audubon owns and protects more than 16,000 acres of the globally significant old growth swamp forest. In a cooperative conservation program with South Carolina Audubon, The Land Trust helps protect the 450,000-acre Four Holes Swamp watershed within the Edisto River Basin.

By protecting the private lands that serve as vital upland buffers to the Four Holes Swamp and the Forest, The Land Trust also protects the water quality of the Swamp and the habitat for nearly 300 vertebrates, 300 plants, the downstream habitat of the ACE Basin, and 1,700 acres of the largest old growth cypress-tupelo swamp forest in the world, with trees as old as 1,500 years.

To date, the Land Trust's cooperative effort with South Carolina Audubon has produced 21 privately owned conservation easements, protecting approximately 9,400 acres, many of which are directly linked to the Francis Beidler Forest.

The Land Trust and Audubon partnership is significantly enhancing land and habitat protection efforts through conservation easements. Ongoing education of landowners in the area ensures continued land protection and conservation through donated conservation easements from Lowcountry citizens who share a passion and commitment to these important lands.