Protecting the natural character and resources of a property

An easement is a legally binding agreement between landowner and a land trust.

A conservation easement protects the natural character and resources on a property and provides an array of benefits to landowners, future generations and the community. Some easement benefits may include tax incentives, continued opportunities for traditional rural uses, and the peace of mind that treasured lands will be protected for generations to come. Benefits to the public also include scenic road and water frontage, reduction in infrastructure needs, and improved air and water quality.

Download a complete map of the Protected Lands of the Lowcounty (PDF).

We currently ensure the protection of more than 260 tracts of land, ranging in size from one acre to over 12,000 acres, across over 88,000 acres throughout the Lowcountry.

Is An Easement Right For My Land?

You can call us at (843) 577-6510 to find out more about donating an easement on your land, fill out an information request form online, or email us at info@lolt.org to find out more about donating an easement on your land.

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