Ashley River Marshlands

More than 1,200 protected acres, most within public view

We who call the Lowcountry home are fortunate to call the marshlands part of our natural landscape - something beautiful to see each time we cross a bridge. Their views so integral to our daily lives, we rarely stop to think about them.

The Natural Welcome To The Lowcountry

In addition to serving as an indicator of the changing seasons as its summer green turns to autumn gold, the marsh also provides strategic, natural buffers and open space to our built environment. In many cases, the marshland vista is the first thing visitors see upon entering Charleston and their last glimpse upon leaving.

To date, The Land Trust has protected more than 1,200 acres of marsh along the Ashley River, the majority of which is seen by the public daily. Thanks to donations from private landowners, thousands who cross the Ashley River Bridges enjoy an undisturbed vista of the historic river and its marsh. We thank the donors of the Ashley River marsh for their commitment to preserve such an integral part of Charleston.