Angel Oak Preserve

Situated at a community crossroads in the heart of Johns Island, this publicly accessible park will provide an opportunity for visitors to gather, learn and celebrate the region's cultural and natural history. Protecting the property will enhance and extend the existing parkland, with the potential to create a more functional multi-use park experience for visitors, allowing them to explore a forest park while just steps away from the property's namesake attraction. The park will create an additional layer of connectivity - between the existing Angel Oak Park and the adjacent school - providing students with an easily accessible experiential learning opportunity unparalleled in Charleston County.

Angel Oak Preserve will …

Angel Oak

Preserve Cultural Heritage and History

  • Further buffers the iconic landmark
  • Celebrates sea island heritage
  • Promotes cultural history

Preserve the Local Ecosystem

  • Protects upland mixed pine/hardwood forest
  • Safeguards vital freshwater wetlands
  • Connects to a maritime forest coastal system
Interpreter with kids

Preserve Educational Opportunities and Community Open Spaces

  • Enhances educational opportunities for Local Schools
  • Provides interpretive learning opportunities for the community
  • Creates public access parkland at a community crossroad
Connectivity Landscape

Preserve connectivity

  • Solidifies the transition from urban to rural landscapes
  • Provides a natural connection point between three distinct park spaces – the tree, Angel Oak Preserve and a school park
  • Connects community stakeholders